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Johan Cruijff - En Un Momento Dado

Documentary, 2003, 91 min.

Johan Cruijff has the gift to do things that dramatically change the course of his life and career, without foreseeing or even wanting it. For example, he managed to win each and every Catalan's sympathy by naming his son - prematurely delivered by means of a Caesarean section for the sake of the legendary match Real Madrid-Barcelona in 1973 (0-5 for Barça) - Jordi, a Catalan saint's name that was banned in Spain at the time. Remarks that Johan made in all innocence became famous in Catalonia, like the wrongly used en un momento dado and gallina de piel (skin chicken, instead of piel de gallina = chicken skin). In a mix of interviews with people more and less involved, beautiful archive footage, staged scenes with Johan Cruijff and an interview with the great master himself, Ramón Gieling reveals how deep the Catalans' admiration and love for their saviour goes. Not just because of his exceptional soccer skills, but also and especially because he gave Catalonia back its self-confidence.





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