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Charley Toorop, de wil is alles

Documentary, 1997, 60 min.

The painter Charley Toorop was born just at the end of the nineteenth century as the daughter of the painter Jan Toorop, who was very well known at the time. Charley died in 1955. She managed to carve herself a niche as painter in an era when working women were very unusual. Yet she succeeded and her house in Bergen became known as a meeting place for progressive artists such as Roland Holst, Piet Mondrian, Pyke Koch and Arthur Lehning. Among those interviewed in the film are the photographer Eva Besnyö, Charley Toorop's daughter-in-law, art critic professor Hammacher and painter and former pupil Bep Rietveld-Eskes.




Cinematographer - DoP


Location sound recordist