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Tony - Een observatie in het Pieter Baan Centrum

Documentary, 2011, 102 min.

The Pieter Baan Centrum is a house of detention with the special task to examine suspects of serious crimes. This is an independent examination which is ordered by the Ministry of Justice. In a process of seven weeks, they analyse the suspect?s personality, the possible occurrence of a disorder and/or mental illness and whether they can be related to the offence. Is there a chance of recidivism? Finally, the Pieter Baan Centrum gives advice. Is it prudent to detain the suspect during Her Majesty's pleasure?
Director Ditteke Mensink, cameraman Gregor Meerman and soundman Tim van Peppen closely follow the suspect, Tony, and his examiners during the seven weeks of observation: conversations with the psychiatrist, the clinical psychologist, the forensic environment analyst, the stay at the ward and the contact with the staff. A detailed portrait arises of Tony?s childhood, his adult life and the crimes he's suspected of. The film also presents the spectator with the question whether the suspect was accountable during the offence.





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