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Winston Bogarde

Short documentary, 2006, 35 min.

Deze neger buigt voor niemand (This nigger bows to nobody) is the telling title of the recently published biography of former international soccer player Winston Bogarde's eventful life. He played for the biggest European teams: Ajax, AC Milan, Barcelona and Chelsea, where he passed his final soccer years as the best-paid substitute in the world. Apart from his soccer qualities, Bogarde is known from his proud and sometimes downright aggressive attitude on and outside the pitch, especially towards the press. In this documentary, filmmaker Jeroen Berkvens and biographer Marcel Rözer try to peel the armour from the man Bogarde. They do so by watching crucial TV extracts from the soccer player's career with him, while he gives his comments (for instance on discrimination in the Dutch national team) and by joining him on a trip to his motherland Suriname, where we occasionally catch a glimpse of the timid boy he once was.



Cinematographer - DoP


Location sound recordist