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Mijn avonturen door V. Swchwrm - My Adventures By V. Swchwrm

Feature film, 2012, 75 min.

In this imaginative and philosophical family film, a nine-year-old boy decides he wants to become a writer. Not just any writer; he wants to write books that make people stop waging war and that cure ill people. The only thing is, he can?t think of an opening line. It should be a very unusual sentence; ?a sentence that knocks you over.? He does have a pen name, though: Swchwrm, V. Swchwrm. Because nobody needs to know his real identity, apart from his grandfather, that is. And the Queen, of course, because she knows everybody and everything. Through V. Swchwrm?s eyes, we watch the adventures he invents and experiences; his teacher who is not so sure anymore that 8 x 8 is really 64, his father who wins a camel, his decision to fall in love himself, and the saddest day in his life.

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