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Geest uit de polder

Short documentary, 1995, 52 min.

Topical documentary about rapid changes in the Dutch village of Langendijk. This agrarian community near Amsterdam threatens to turn into an anonymous commuter backwater. Developments are moving too fast for the likes of many villagers. They are afraid of an increase in scale and loss of identity. The council's recent decision to build a large suburb and a new town hall are met with resistance. The documentary sketches a picture of this conflict without narration or audible interviewer. The rebellious Langendijkers angrily vent their outrage and dislike of outsiders who will, they fear, disrupt their togetherness. In the meantime, the council pursues its new building plans. They consider that a sense of reality and housing construction should take precedence over conservatism.






Cinematographer - DoP


Location sound recordist

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