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Heilige Rosa

Documentary, 2006, 68 min.

St. Rosa is the patron saint of the city of Sittard. But when her procession passes through town - a tradition of three centuries - the people are drinking beer in outdoor cafés. As if it is just a parade. Director Hans Heijnen portrays the predominantly elderly, often nostalgic and sometimes embittered members of the catholic community of Sittard. In interviews (subtitled where necessary), they talk about their personal involvement and about secularisation. Like Jacques Pfennings, no less than forty years Master of Ceremonies of the adult acolytes, who freely admits to not going to confession anymore himself. Or the young curate Ivo Krewinkel, who watches parents deliver their children as if church is just 'one of the clubs'. Heijnen not only films the members of the church (a nun, an old parish priest and former missionary, a dean) and their activities (a meeting, a conversation with a man who may enter the convent, a sick-call), but also the rituals. First Communion, Easter service, a procession and a funeral.




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