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Deuren naar de ziel

Short documentary, 2008, 48 min.

An eye blinks close to the camera lens. This is followed by the image of an ear. Someone tastes food, another uses his nose, looking for a specific smell. A couple of massaging hands work bare skin. The film follows people who use their senses to get an idea or a sensation. The composer utilises his hearing to draw inspiration from everyday sounds. A passionate cook tastes his dishes until he is satisfied. A 'corpse sniffer' deploys his keen sense of smell to locate missing victims of criminal acts. The astronomer uses strong lenses to search the star system for new elements, while a blind man threads his way through traffic. Chaotic city noises accompany an image of what he can barely see. His tactile sense is miraculously strong. The occasional voice-over complements this ingeniously edited exploration of sensory perceptions.





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Cinematographer - DoP


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