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Beyond the Game

Documentary, 2008, 76 min.

'There is a new world that isn't on any map and where a new generation grows up: the world of Warcraft'. With this statement, director Jos de Putter introduces the scene of the world's most popular RTS (Real Time Strategy). The opening is the guideline for the film: De Putter's personal amazement at an unknown world of massive proportions. He describes the background and living conditions of the Dutch gamer Grubby and Chinese Sky, the two best players in the world (at the time of shooting) at Warcraft III. The boys enjoy no less than stardom status, complete with screaming fans who come from far and near to watch their idols play. They make a handsome sum: playing Warcraft is a profession. We follow them in the build-up to the world championships, where they will come head to head in a clash of titans. Sky practices twelve hours a day, Grubby analyses every game with his Singaporean girlfriend. Fragments from the game itself, in which Humans, Night Elfs, Undead and Orcs combat each other, illustrate this wondrous world.

other prizes

  • NL - Netherlands, Prize for Artistic Success

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