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Mama Benz en de smaak van geld

Documentary, 2002, 78 min.

The Dutch manager Henk Bremer is young, ambitious and a typical European. Alice is just as young and ambitious, but African. Both want to gain a foothold in Burkina Faso, where fabric factory Vlisco does not have a business office yet. `Vlisco wax' is made in the Netherlands according to a top-secret formula and, once sold, it is an important status symbol in Africa. Some African merchants have become rich by dealing in Vlisco; they can afford to be driven around in a Mercedes Benz. Alice also wants to become a `Mama Benz'. But Bremer's policy of divide and rule versus the African market women is far from plain sailing. Director Karin Junger followed the process with her camera from close by and interviewed many people involved, in the colourful surroundings of the African fabric markets.





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