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Nacht in de stad

Series, 2000, 46 min.

Nacht in de stad is set in the near future. The young couple Ivar and Sylvia live in a very respectable town in the country. Everything is well organised: Ivar networks from home for a nice company, he has a nice girlfriend and is about to move into a nice house with a nice garden. However things start to itch. Across the river is a less respectable town. It's attraction is so great that Ivar one night crosses the river by ferry. There the festive mood awaits and Ivar is subjected to many temptations. During the day, Sylvia notices that he is regularly away at night. The tense mood in the house grows by the day and dark clouds gather. One night Sylvia follows Ivar across. There she makes a shocking discovery.




Line producer

Cinematographer - DoP

Cast (7)

Location sound recordist

TV - broadcast production company