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Wavumba, zij die naar vis ruiken - Wavumba, They Who Smell of Fish

Documentary, 2012, 80 min.

Filmmaker Jeroen van Velzen returns to Kenya, the country he grew up in, surrounded by magical stories. He searches for Gatete, an old Kenyan fisherman of the Wavumba tribe who had special powers and used to set off on adventures with him when he was a child. The man has now passed away, but on the island of Wasini, where the Wavuma come from, he meets the uninhibited Mashoud, who goes hunting for a giant shark. Van Velzen joins him and the hunt, lasting for days, in which Mashoud?s energy and unremitting optimism impress the filmmaker, is a thread through the film. The images and stories of Mashoud are interwoven with stories, true or not, about days gone by, told by other old inhabitants. Bit by bit, Van Velzen discovers the secret of the magic of the place where he was a child.

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