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Reisverhalen - Tussen twee Heiligen

Short documentary, 2002, 53 min.

The first six months of his life, filmmaker Ramón Gieling lived in Spain. In the rail movie Between Two Saints, he returns to his native soil, mainly to expose the way in which people in Spain handle death. Gieling uses a quotation from the Spanish poet and playwright Federico García Lorca as his guideline: `In most countries, death has the last word. He arrives and the shutters are drawn. Not in Spain. In Spain, they are opened. In Spain, a dead person is more alive when he is dead than in any other country.' Gieling starts his train journey in the Basque Provinces, where death is always lurking in the form of terror. He ends his jaunt in his home village Frigiliana in Andalusia, where bricklayer Antonio observes the day of his holy namesake. En route, Gieling has had many conversations.





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