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Normaal zijn wij anders

Documentary, 2006, 67 min.

Their daily routine is just as ordinary as with other people: doing the laundry, making phone calls, shaving, withdrawing money, vacuum cleaning, playing music. Dionne, Fran, Bertus and Maurits are actors and mentally challenged. We're Normally Different shows their familiar, but also surprising emotional lives: a world in which the boundaries between play and reality fade and dreams and desires occupy centre stage. But the dreams and desires are not all realisable. Learning to read and write, taking public transportation for once, falling in love/getting married and have children, becoming a cameraman. What is feasible for one is unthinkable for another. The life of mentally disabled people is depicted in a poetic and warm way. The plan for this documentary was developed in IDFA's documentary workshop 2006.





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