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Rana's Wedding

Feature film, 2002, 90 min.

With this subdued love tragedy, the Palestinian director wants to show that the daily threat in the Israeli-occupied territories is often more common than everyday things like love and marriage. Rana's Wedding follows one day in the life of a young Palestinian woman in Jerusalem. Early in the morning, Rana leaves her parental home to look for her forbidden love Khalil. Rana's father has given her a choice: either she comes along to Egypt at four o'clock that afternoon or she will choose her future husband from a list. Rana prefers true love and tries to bring about her marriage with Khalil that same day, and to convince her father. In protracted scenes, the film focuses on the emotions of Rana, who during her 'mission' becomes increasingly aware of her bizarre environment. On the day she wants to `build a house', soldiers literally tear down houses. The film was shot on location in East-Jerusalem and Ramallah.

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  • FR - Cannes Film Festival selction






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