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Groeten uit Finsterwolde

Short documentary, 1997, 53 min.

Documentary about the artist Karel Ilych Pelgrom (1927-1994), who moved to Finsterwolde with his family at the invitation of the Groningen gentleman farmer and Maecenas Albert Waalkens. The unlikely cooperation between the rich farmer and the Trotskyist artist evokes a rich artistic climate, certainly when Ilych fetches artist friends to East Groningen. Well-known names put in an appearance in Finsterwolde. The documentary looks at the flourishing artists' colony and the special projects realised through reminiscences of Ilych's widow Els Pelgrom, museum director Wim Beeren and artist Ger van Elk, and a fragment from Sieto tussen kunst en koren (1927) by Gied Jaspers.





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