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De Vermisten

Documentary, 1994, 62 min.

Vanishing People focuses on three countries guilty of making political
opponents disappear without trace: Sri Lanka, Morocco and Argentina. In Sri
Lanka tens of thousands of people disappeared between 1987 and 1990 or were killed without trial. In Morocco thousands of people disappeared into secret camps. Moroccan victims are often kept alive in appalling conditions. Without physical care they die a slow death. In Argentina disappearances were part of the policy of the military junta between 1976 and 1983. While everyone remained silent, the Mad Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo conquered their fear and put a spanner in the works of the junta. In Vanishing People the mothers talk about their struggle. They still continue their action because they want to exert as much influence as possible on future generations.






Cinematographer - DoP (6)


Location sound recordist

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