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De lessen van Tülay, Bahar en Naima

Short documentary, 2005, 49 min.

Tülay, Bahar and Naima are immigrant ethnic women who, each with her own driving school, give lessons to other immigrant women. Director Eveline Welschen interviews them about the role the driving license plays for women within their culture. She films them in the car during lessons, interviews them at home and goes along when a new car is bought. Language is not a barrier for the women: the lessons are given in Turkish or Moroccan, an interpreter joins them for the driving test and the theory exam can also be taken in one's own language. But in many cases the husbands are obstructive, the driving school owners stress. Tülay concentrates mainly on older women, for whom the barrier is higher: the documentary follows one of her students, who refuses to give in when she fails the driving test. When she will finally have made it, she says, she will proceed to study Dutch. Naima, one of the first in her neighbourhood who was able to drive, also considers a driving license an emancipation tool, a source of liberty and confidence. But also 'a gap in the market'.




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