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Reisverhalen - Haarlem-Algerije

Short documentary, 2002, 50 min.

In 1976, the Algerian filmmaker Karim Traïdia left Algeria, while his father stayed behind. More than twenty years later, Traïdia, accompanied by his brother Hakim who also emigrated to the Netherlands, undertakes the journey back to Algeria and their father. They take a train from Haarlem to the south of France and from there a boat to Tunisia. The two brothers do not dare to go to Algeria anymore. Karim has not been there since 1991. The camera runs continuously during the trip, registering the confrontation with the past, which their meeting with their eighty-year-old father is. The casual way of filming is just as telling as the old photographs at the end of the documentary. `Deep in my heart, I know I've said goodbye to Algeria', Karim Traïdia concludes. `And perhaps also to my father.'




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