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Documentary, 2008, 90 min.

The chronic kidney patient Bart de Graaff (1967-2002) spent a shocking amount of time in medical spheres, but he was also active in the theatre, became a popular TV personality and initiated a national TV channel.
Bikkel (after his nickname) is a reconstruction of the short, intensive life of Bart de Graaff, who after an unfortunate infection in his childhood sustains permanent kidney damage. After a kidney transplant, a new life phase dawns at the age of 29, but soon things go wrong again. Right in the face of all these setbacks, he founds the national TV channel BNN.
Bart's mother, sister, father, fellow-patient and former girlfriend look back on the adventures of an extraordinary man, who retained a childlike aura as a result of his growth disorder. The film includes some sound fragments of Bart himself. Excerpts from cartoons of his hero Tintin, as well as due impressions and archive footage, illustrate the biography. A moving story about someone who in a last desperate effort fights for a worthy and meaningful life.

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