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Ik wil alles aanraken - Auke de Vries, beeldend kunstenaar

Short documentary, 2006, 52 min.

Fine artist Auke de Vries, creator of works like the two hundred yards long piece near the new Maas Bridge in Rotterdam, grew up in the country. The images that Petra and Peter Lataster make in this environment blend into De Vries' art works. In the film, he tells about his relationship with nature, space and art. For example in his attic studio, where the large installations and sculptures he makes are born in miniature. The camera also follows De Vries during his visits to Germany, where he inspects one of his works and wanders around in a brown coal mine area, for which he was asked to develop an environmental plan. The atmosphere evoked by De Vries' sculptures is beautifully supported by the artistic photography and images that have been edited to the rhythm of the music.




Cinematographer - DoP


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