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De Genco's, een Turks familie-epos

Documentary, 2005, 50 min.

In three episodes of fifty minutes, an apt portrait is presented of the Turkish Genco family. Owing to the joint effort of the entire family, the small shop in Amsterdam-East that immigrant worker Mustafa Genco set up thirty years ago has meanwhile expanded into a flourishing supermarket-cum-butcher's. The various family members tell about their motives, their dreams and the sometimes galling family bonds. `You feel guilty if you don't work in the shop. But it's hard, as they all are your father and mother.' The Gencos each give their individual interpretation to a life with two backgrounds and languages. For example, the nineteen-year-old grandson Emrah, who was born and raised in Holland, still chooses a seventeen-year-old Turkish bride. The story of the Gencos is a striking cross section of an immigrant family in Holland that has equally assimilated and remained loyal to the Turkish traditions and culture.




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