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Documentary, 2010, 70 min.

Half a million people suffer from unaccountable complaints. They feel ill, but after a long examination the conclusion is that it is in their heads. Many of them want recognition and confirmation. For this purpose, the Centrum voor Onverklaarde Lichamelijke Klachten (centre for unaccounted physical complaints) was set up.
Onverklaarbaar follows the pianist Rick van Hek, who suddenly got paralysed on one side. The initial diagnosis, a brain haemorrhage, was incorrect. The muscle tension in his left arm and leg is normal. Performing and touring with his jazz band, of which his wife is the singer, is out of the question. Conversations with therapists slowly reveal that a labour dispute may be one of the causes. Physiotherapy brings about gradual improvement. His stay in the Centrum also has other sides, which eventually end in conflict.
Patiently, the camera registers how Rick van Hek tries to hold his ground with his handicap and attempts to live with his limitations.





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