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De laatste dagen van het atelier Frans van de Staak

Documentary, 2002, 97 min.

Filmmaker Frans van de Staak died in May 2001 at the age of 58. Before his studio would be cleared, director Kees Hin, along with Hanneke Stark and Bernadette Corstens, invited colleagues and friends of Van de Staak's to visit this place one last time. They watch the equipment, often repaired or built by Van de Staak himself, and they explain what stood where when. And where he stood or walked, and how he listened or spoke. Directors like Heddy Honigmann and Erik de Bruyn and actors like Bert Luppes en Frieda Pittoors bring back memories of their collaboration on films that were directed or produced by Van de Staak, excerpts of which illustrate the interviews. This documentary is the second part of a trilogy about Frans van de Staak, of which Frans! Monument voor een filmmaker is the first.




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