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10 Geboden - Brieven aan God

Short documentary, 2000, 50 min.

In this triptych, director Vuk Janic examines how the attitude of parents towards (the first part of) the first commandment I, the Lord, am your God is determined by their children's fates. A woman, who has become pregnant after a long period of doubt and perseverance, cherishes a vague but hopeful belief in a Something, befitting the still unborn child. The parents in the second story, however, started doubting God after their 9-year-old son drowned in a pool. Conversely, in the final story, a couple praises the Lord, because their toddler was miraculously saved by a passer-by who caught him after falling from a balcony. They are all ordinary people who suddenly found themselves in extraordinary situations. Janic demonstrates that particularly emotion, not ideology or tradition, determines the struggle with higher things.





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