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Enneagram - Bruno & Violet

Series, 2003, 50 min.

The age-old enneagon is a circle enclosing a nine-pointed figure. The theory is that the points represent different types of personality, of which every man possesses one basic type that will never change. In each episode of the nine-part TV series Het enneagram, a different archetype is treated, like the winner in Bruno & Violet. Leading character is the very old multimillionaire Mrs. Brederode. When doctors tell her that she has only six months to live at the most, she reminisces about her sole heir, her grandson Bruno. Flashbacks reveal how the boy, at the age of thirteen, was the only one who managed to escape from a sinking car, after which his grandmother reluctantly became the person to raise him. Now that Violet has swapped her villa for a nursing home, it annoys her immensely that Bruno never drops by. She devises a lure that will surely draw her money-loving grandchild's attention: she announces her marriage to a thirty-year-old geriatric helper. Bruno interprets this situation as a contest, the inheritance being the first prize.






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