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360° horizon - land zonder verleden

Short documentary, 2007, 38 min.

'It's wonderful to make something out of nothing.' One of the polder pioneers says it quite poetically. In the early sixties, numerous Dutchmen moved to the new province of Flevoland to build up a new existence. They felt immigrants in their own country, because there was nothing there, only roads and no end of arable land.
Through their stories, a striking piece of Dutch history surfaces, aptly illustrated by the images. In the very first years, they used to do their groceries in provisional barracks. The ramp of the only gas station had not been asphalted yet, so the cars got stuck in the mud. Other than that, it was 'quiet, quiet, really quiet', one of the farmers from the very beginning explains. But it was dangerous on the empty roads, too. The so-called 'polder blindness' caused scores of accidents, a policeman tells. Debuting filmmaker Katelijne Schrama alternates the informal conversations with tranquil vistas and prolonged shots from a car. She creates an aesthetics of desolateness.





Cinematographer - DoP


Sound designer

Location sound recordist

Production company