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De wereld van Charlotte Mutsaers

Short documentary, 2010, 53 min.

Writer, illustrator and painter Charlotte Mutsaers is as original, contrary and colourful as her work. She has created a miraculous world inhabited by rabbits, dogs and cucumbers. The frequently laurelled artist taught at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy for many years, before taking up a writing career. She and her partner Jan Fontijn and her fox terrier divide their time between Amsterdam, Oostende and France. She comments: 'Since you can't prolong life, I think I wanted to broaden it. In fact, we live three lives at the same time now.'
Illustrated by several old TV interviews - for example with Adriaan van Dis, when she proved she could sing in reverse - Charlotte Mutsaers tells about her childhood and the present. As it turns out, animals have always played a key role in her life, as is clear from her colourful paintings and baroque books, and she fights adamantly against animal abuse. Despite this seriousness, she always has people laughing.





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