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De virtuele wereld van Micha Klein

Short documentary, 2007, 53 min.

'It's a shame that they bluntly label us as the hedonistic drug generation. We've really accomplished great and innovative things.' For Micha Klein, the nineties were a time of house music, love, drugs and his birth as the prodigy of digital art. Director Corinne van Egeraat composed a portrait of this master at the art of living from three hundred hours of archive footage, interviews and images she made in the year she closely followed Klein and his muse, former model Afke Reijenga. She explains how his career started - how he captured the time spirit at the right moment in his then still groundbreaking, wholly digital images and films. Except as an artist, Klein developed as a VJ and standard bearer of the party scene, particularly on the party island of Ibiza. In the twenty-first century, Klein changed tack somewhat with his now commercially successful studio, which not everybody around him appreciates.





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