take this production


Short documentary, 2006, 51 min.

Biotope highway: asphalt, concrete, fly-over, hard shoulder, grind, traffic jams, car radio. Vague shadows behind green tinted car windows hurry from A to B. As anonymous passers-by, they drive past each other. Meetings are scarce. They are limited to a sporadic glance in the queue or a talk over coffee at a gas station. And quickly back into the car. Lost in thought, they drive on. Droomrijders (Driving Dreams) is a portrait of life on Dutch motorways, made up of images shot on an arbitrary weekday: at gas stations and parking lots, at the carwash and on the motorway; it is the modern world we take for granted. But when a young woman died due to a stone thrown from a fly-over onto her windscreen, the deep uneasiness immediately surfaced that manifests itself in the awareness of our vulnerability.




Line producer

Cinematographer - DoP


Sound designer

Location sound recordist

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