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, 2002, 80 min.

Telefilm about so-called lover boy prostitution. Using a score of contemporary pop songs and split-screen images, Loverboy looks like a music video now and then. And that is exactly the world that the 17-year-old leading character Denise dreams of: the alluring image of handsome boys and scantily-clad girls in shining convertibles and apartments with Jacuzzis. But her real life is completely different. She lives with her single mother, pregnant sister and mentally deficient aunt on the third floor of a dingy apartment. At her - black - school, the blonde adolescent also considers herself an outsider. Until a perfectly strange guy buys her a pricey dress and gives her his cellphone number. Denise instantly falls in love, not knowing that the boy has a hidden agenda.




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Cinematographer - DoP


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