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De magie van wetenschap - In den beginne

Short documentary, 2010, 40 min.

In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth. In 2009, theologian Ellen van Wolde made the world press by giving an inaugural speech and proposing a different translation of the famous first verse in the Book of Genesis. 'In the beginning, when God separated the heaven and the earth', she thought it should be. Which journalists subsequently completely misinterpreted as a denial of Creation.
This anecdote starts off a portrait of researcher Van Wolde. John Appel wants to know what moves her, in science and in life. To her, the study of the Bible is no stale matter. She feels challenged, like an explorer. She wants to be unprejudiced. She is touched when she hears a blackbird sing, but also when she suddenly understands how an Egyptian writer looked at the world in ancient times. A walk in the snow makes her realise that, like in science, it can be nice to plod away. In Cambridge, she explains her supposition to her confreres. Exciting.
Episode of a seven-part TV series on science.




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