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Alles stroomt - Upstream

Feature film, 2009, 100 min.

A mother and son make up a tight family, but at a key moment in their lives they take separate turns. Damiaan has passed his final examination, leaves home and moves into a squat. The contrast with the security of the parental home could not be bigger. His mother, who after her husband's death raised her son all alone, meets a new love, a barge skipper. She moves in with him on the ship and together they sail the big rivers. So her life changes radically, too. Mother and son doggedly persevere in their new lives, which turns out to be less rosy than they initially thought. More and more, they live at cross purposes and lose track of each other. Everything flows. The pain this causes is a taboo subject. The question is whether the love between mother and son will overcome this.

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