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Missing Link

Feature film, 1999, 94 min.

In this adventurous children's film with animated fragments, Rick is the eleven-year-old protagonist. He is growing up with his mother and aunt in Holland in the fifties. He never knew his father and his mother has always maintained he was a RAF pilot who died in the war. At school the imaginative Rick becomes fascinated by explorers in the Congo. He becomes involved with darkest Africa and studies the evolution of man in an old atlas his mother gave him. Someone scribbled the words 'missing link' in it. When he reads in the newspaper that an expedition is setting off for the Congo to seek for the missing link in evolution, Rick tries to find the leader of the expedition because he is convinced the man is looking in the wrong place. Golden Calf for Best Screenplay.

won prizes

  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf (2)






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