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Vreemd in de buurt

Short documentary, 2005, 57 min.

More and more Turkish tumbler pigeons fly above the roofs of the Transvaal neighbourhood in The Hague, where ethnic Dutch leave at a high pace and immigrants move in at the same tempo. The specialist pigeon store De Zwarte Vogel is one of the last Dutch bastions in the quarter, and one of the few places where local residents of all origins meet. Pigeon racing is a shared passion. Otherwise, the born Hagenezen and the newcomers have little contact. Various inhabitants speak out in front of the camera, either in broad Hagenees, or in broken Dutch, or in Turkish. `In ten years time, The Hague is called Little Turkey', a Turkish immigrant predicts, who regrets deeply he has not learned to speak Dutch better. The pigeons offer him comfort, as they do the fully assimilated Mustafa. Apart from the integration issue, the documentary also offers a glimpse in the world of pigeon racing.





Cinematographer - DoP


Sound mixer

Location sound recordist (5)