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Yo soy asi

Documentary, 2000, 97 min.

La Bodega Bohemia, the only remaining 'café chantant' in the heart of Barcelona, has to close its doors. The owner has died and the manager Enrique does not have enough money to take it over. Enrique is a father figure in the red-velvet decorated club where a range of artistes - from middle aged to very elderly - lead a second life in the twilight of their years. The documentary Yo soi asi portrays with an observational style the revue artistes during the club's last four days. The mentally handicapped Juan, a singing plumber, aging transvestites but above all Mario del Valle, the only real imitator of the legendary Cuban singer Antonio Machin. During the day he looks after his half blind and deaf landlady, in the evening he emerges as a diva with the main act Yo soi asi (That's how I am').





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