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De vriendschap

Feature film, 2001, 100 min.

Forty years ago, the cheerful Pieter and the restrained Gijs were bosom friends. They vowed they would stay friends forever and fantasised about a future in which they would be rich and famous. As far as Gijs is concerned, this has come true more or less. He did a moonlight flit to Canada, where he set up a flourishing company. However, he does not have any descendants. The spendthrift Pieter is now a retired bridge-keeper and has only one wish: to make a cruise. When after forty years the two friends meet again in the cemetery where Pieter's deceased wife Anne is buried, the renewed acquaintance is not made without a hitch. Old reproaches and feuds have to be resolved and new problems loom when they, like in the old days, fall in love with the same woman.





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