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The Last Days of Shishmaref

Documentary, 2008, 95 min.

'The modern era has put us in a vulnerable position', one of the main characters sighs in this documentary that focuses on a small island community in northern Alaska. The Eskimo does not refer to the arrival of iPods or cell phones. He talks about the far-reaching consequences of global warming. Due to the Arctic ice melt, the island's coastline is gradually washed away. In less than fifteen years, the entire island will be wiped off the map. While the wind sweeps across the vast snowy landscape and the huskies howl, the islanders go about their daily routine. They hunt for reindeer and visit the launderette or bingo night. The stories and reflections by different Eskimo families introduce the spectator to a way of life that after four thousand years is threatened with extinction. After all, the fact that the nightmare surrounding them is slowly pushing to the surface becomes painfully clear.


  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf

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