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Het wonder van Máxima

Lang Televisie Drama, 2002, 90 min.

Tele-film takes place on 1 February 2002. Main characters Maria Castillo and her mute daughter Isabella have sold their meagre possessions in Argentina to witness the miracle that will take place when Máxima will marry the Dutch crown prince. On her own wedding day, Maria's husband disappeared without a trace and since then she expects to see him back one fine day. Getting mixed up in the Amsterdam festivities, mother and daughter lose sight of each other at night. Security adviser Felix Bos takes pity on the desperate Maria, initiating a hectic search against the background of the royal wedding. In a subplot, it turns out that the security officer himself is also involved in a big crisis: his Asian girlfriend Min faces deportation after many years of vainly trying to get a residence permit. On the day before the royal nuptials, Aliens Registration Officers knock on the door.






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