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Lang Televisie Drama, 2000, 92 min.

Tragi-comic television drama with plenty of singing is a long flashback in which Loes, a shop assistant at a drug store, reveals her alleged criminal past during a police interrogation. Every morning, she swims lengths in the local pool and comes across the same people: the morning swimmers. Chris the fish, who swims because he can't help it, the Surinamese Ampie Sylvester, who yearns for his homeland, and Tanja, a colleague of Loes, who is getting married to Herman. Loes would love to belong and becomes entangled in the illegal activities of Ampie's family. The baker's lad Bing gives her butterflies in her tummy and, with him, she makes a discovery in the cellar of her oversexed boss. Bing thinks he has found happiness with the hobby of Loes' employer.






Cinematographer - DoP


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