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The Rainbow Warriors of Waiheke Island

Documentary, 2009, 87 min.

Documentary about the first members of Greenpeace brings modern history to life. So many Greenpeace veterans live on the New-Zealand island of Waiheke that it has been nicknamed Greenpeace Retirement Island. These people were young when it became fashionable to worry about global issues and fight for the environment. In 1978, they bought a ship to save the whales and protest against nuclear testing. The current global concern for the environment proves they were right.
What this means to them is told - by six 'warriors' who have almost reached retirement - without any frills and with exclusive images of life aboard the Rainbow Warrior. This ship is still a leitmotif in their lives and when telling the story of the bomb attack in 1985 that killed photographer Fernando Pereira, some of them are still overcome by emotions. But, one of them says: 'If they're ready to go to such extremes to stop you, you must be doing something right. So keep going.'


  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf

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