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Mijn vrienden

Short documentary, 2007, 59 min.

For filmmaker Lidija Zelovic, Yugoslavia used to be the land of milk and honey. Born and raised in Sarajevo, she fled the city when the war broke out. For thirteen years, she has been living and working in the Netherlands now, where she leads a pleasant life with her boyfriend and newly-born child. But one feeling keeps nagging her: She misses her old friends, who have fanned out all over the world. So she cooks up a preposterous plan, as she calls it. She wants to celebrate her wedding in the idyllic countryside of former Yugoslavia, invite all her friends and, as if this were not enough, make a film about it.
In this ego-document, Zelovic talks to her three best friends from that time, who she visits in Canada, Sweden and Sarajevo. In intimate conversations, she tries to heal the breach caused by the war in the friendship between her Bosnian and Serbian friends. Meanwhile, the preparations for the wedding are in full swing, and her uncles bicker about the number of lambs to slaughter.




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