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Armando - Portrait of a Friend

Documentary, 2005, 70 min.

'I'm one-sided in my many-sidedness,' Armando (1929) says about his multidisciplinary artistic calling. He paints, composes poetry, makes sculptures, writes, acts, makes films and music. Talking about art is harder for him. Not so much that he has problems with his brains, but he clearly loathes bragging. Being an artist is no picnic, but well, Armando has no choice.
Cherry Duyns, who appeared beside Armando in the illustrious TV and theatre show Herenleed, interviews his companion and follows him during his farewell concert as a violinist, at the opening of an art exhibition and in his studio. A review surveys his artistic development. It took quite some time before Armando could live by his art, but meanwhile a museum bearing his name has been opened in the city of his traumatic childhood, Amersfoort.
Armando experiences the human condition as pitiful, the work of the artist as a lost battle with transitoriness. But that is no problem, not at all.




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