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Short documentary, 2007, 48 min.

`In my memory, Sarajevo is far more beautiful and greener. Look, it has become very ugly', Kostana Banovic observes. `Well, I think it has some character', her son Stefan says. It is the first time he and his sister Temra see their mother's native city. They were born and raised in the Netherlands. From the car, they see both Eastern bloc apartments and historic buildings. From higher grounds, they look out over the sprawling city in the valley. The filmmaker shows them where she used to live and go to school, and they look at old family pictures in the hotel room. She also focuses on mutual relationships. For example, the filmmaker confronts her mother with the fact they never discussed their feelings. It turns out that her own children also have old sores.
It took the filmmaker a long time to go back. `I used to think it didn't matter where you came from, that it's about who you are. I guess I was wrong.' By means of this trip, she wants to discover whether she is still 'a compatriot' or that her stay in Holland has irrevocably changed her.





Cinematographer - DoP


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