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Anne vliegt

Short documentary, 2010, 21 min.

Anne (11) is a beautiful girl you just have to look at. And if you look closer, you see her tics. Anne has Gilles de la Tourette syndrome. She tries to restrain her tics, but that is not easy. Anne feels embarrassed that her body makes her do things she does not want. Sometimes she needs rest. Fortunately, many of her friends accept her as she is. She would prefer to 'fly' through life, because when she flies you won?t notice a thing about her.
The award-winning youth documentary follows Anne?s complicated life. We see how she copes with her tics. At unexpected moments, she spins her body round, or licks everything in the supermarket. In therapy, she learns to suppress the compulsive gestures. To prevent other children at school from teasing or scoffing her, Anne explains her disorder to her class in a school talk. It is clear that the tics are also part of Anna's personality.

won prizes

  • CH - Nyon Visions du Réel, Best Short Documentary
  • CA - Toronto Hot Docs Festival

other prizes

  • US - Boston Independent Film Festival Audience Award Short Film
  • US - San Francisco Superfest International Disability Film Festival Best Documentary
  • CA - Montreal RIDM, Best International Short Film
  • CA - Vancouver FOCUS Film Festival, Best of Festival
  • IT - Firenze Festival dei Popoli, Best International Short Film
  • TV Festival Bar, Best Children's TV Program
  • CA - Vancouver FrontDoc, Jury Prize
  • FR - Créteil Films de Femmes, UPEC Prize
  • FR - Saguenay International Short Film Festival
  • SP - Girona Curt.doc Festival, Jury Prize
  • SP - Girona Curt.doc Festival, Public Prize
  • RS - Belgrade BosiFest, Best Screenplay Plaque





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