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De Wouter Tapes

Documentary, 2007, 98 min.

The filmmakers follow PvdA party leader and PM candidate Wouter Bos during the 2006 parliamentary elections that turned out to be such a disappointment for his party. The filmmakers are not heard themselves and there are no interviews. The voice-over is Bos', who frequently recorded Dictaphone messages at the time. We hear his personal assessments and doubts, like right before the elections: 'I notice my intuition lets me down.' The camera crew films Bos at all highlights, from his nomination for the premiership at the PvdA congress in December 2005 to the cabinet formation in February 2007. We witness brainstorm sessions on campaign strategies and heated discussions in Mercurius, Bos' analytic bimonthly Society of Friends. Bos allowed the filmmakers to film everywhere, so they were able to catch him uttering a heartfelt 'Jesus!' upon seeing the seat forecast for the rival SP.





Cinematographer - DoP


Location sound recordist