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Het lied van 80 lentes

Short documentary, 2000, 50 min.

In The Song of 80 Springs, the maker shows us six 'old' people aged about eighty as they bid farewell to their beloved physical capabilities and dreams but do not retire into passivity, but try to put things in perspective and choose life with a large dose of humour, as best they can in the circumstances. The film follows the couple Dirk (82) and Liz (80) who are very popular in old people's and nursing homes with their combo the Tubo's. In the circuit where the Tubo's perform, we meet the other characters in the film. Mrs Schuitenmaker (75), a woman who has been sitting paralysed in a chair by the window for 12 years, but who wants to stay alive. And the widowers Evert (81) and Wim (80) who still love the attention of pretty young girls.





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