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Het wilde westen

Short documentary, 2010, 52 min.

Amsterdam-West is the location of playground ?t Landje. Children from this multiracial neighbourhood come here every day to build huts, go boating and play with the animals. It is a beautiful place to play at. The bitter reality is that the children are glad to be away from home. Their life at ?t Landje is a reflection of their life at home, so they bring their problems along. Some children are on the verge of turning to crime. Manager Piet, the 'mayor' for forty years now, and his staff members, who more or less grew up on ?t Landje, try to accompany them as well as possible. A series of mini-portraits of children from different ethnic backgrounds provide an accurate description of what growing up in an underprivileged environment is like. The kids explain what it?s like at ?t Landje, they unwarily describe the home situation, or try to solve the case of a stolen ring. Meanwhile, the animals grub around them, including one pert chicken.





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