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Reisverhalen - De Goudlijn

Short documentary, 2002, 50 min.

Hans Hylkema follows the, in some places overgrown, in others flooded, track of De Goudlijn, the train that ran from Paramaribo to the gold mining region of Lawa from the early twentieth century to 1987. During the civil war in 1986, this section, a project of then governor and later constructor of the Dutch Afsluitdijk, Ir. C. Lely, permanently fell into disuse. The work of this steel representative of better days has now been taken over by the discarded trucks of the 'Schiphol Express'. On his 110-mile long trip - by car, on foot and by boat -, Hylkema finds out how many people, apart from the gold-diggers, depended on the train for their income. The journey through the depths of Surinam, here and there illuminated with excerpts from historical footage, ends in an unexpected place for the white Hylkema: in the courtroom dock.




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