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Het grote genieten

Short documentary, 2009, 45 min.

Ton and Tjeerd have worked hard all their lives and are on the eve of retirement. Ton admits he would prefer to keep working. His wife still has to work for another seven years and he wonders how he will tide over that period. On weekends they make trips together, but on weekdays the introverted Ton has to manage by himself. He occupies himself with housekeeping and television, but he finds it hard to leave the house and associate with other people. 'I'm always afraid I'm a burden to people.'
Tjeerd is much happier with his exit from the police. Along with his wife, he wants to restore an old farm as a future home for his family. Two months later, he stands in clogs in the mud, his arms strained by the hard work, his relationship with his still employed wife grows tense and he wonders what on earth they let themselves in for.
In the months the men and their wives are followed, it becomes clear how they, in different ways, try to deal with life after retirement.





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